Our team is the key to our prosperity. Every one of our team memner is stunning by their own doing, yet together they are what makes platform such a particularly fun and remunerating work environment

We always read about entrepreneurs’ humble beginning. Just like LeBron’s prediction, “There is no humble beginning”, the struggling story of Rakib’s started in an 80 sqft dorm room, bitten by bedbugs. He is country’s one of the most promising youngest entrepreneurs who is bringing significant changes in the digital sector. A small-town boy, Rakib was born in Bagarpara and moved to Jessore to chase his dream. Rakib founded this corporation back in 2016 to create opportunities for employment and to bring remittance from foreign countries. Right now JessoreIT. has different ventures in the US, UK, and Singapore. Rakib keeps his door open to discuss The Game of Thrones or the idea that just popped into your mind.


CEO – BePassive Media

Marketing Team

The Marketing Department assumes an indispensable part in promoting the business and mission of an association. The Marketing team is liable for product branding, PR, Paid media or Google Ads, media buying/PPC, Social media advertising and execute marketing strategies for our clients. You name it, we would do it.

BePassive media have innovative Graphic design team. Who will create all kind of business branding and promotional video content for your porduct and brand.

creative team

Creative Team

Analyst Team

Analyst Team

Sharpe and cool analysis Team we have. They are creating a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities and solutions for a business. They have strong Interpersonal and consultative, Facilitation, Analytical thinking and problem solving skills.

At BePassive Media, your creative mind can be transformed into the real world. Because here you have full circle of specialists development team (from Project analyst to Quality Assurance Engineer) for any project development

Customer Support Team

Development Team

Development Team

HR and Admin Team

Think Tank of BePassive Media. They know when we are getting stressed, when we need a break, they also know when we are most productive. Everything sorts out before the issue even beginnings. Additionally the result of their work guarantees consistence and gives the preparation to the monetary methodologies of the organization.

Work Station

Our work station.